Gloria Schiappa

Obituary of Gloria E. Schiappa

Warrensburg: Gloria E. Schiappa, 98, of Lake Avenue, passed away peacefully, Friday, October 16, 2020 at her home following a brief illness. Born July 30, 1922 in New York City, she was the daughter of the late Dominic and Elizabeth DeFabritus. Gloria was a sweet and extremely humble human being. Never heard one person say anything negative about her. She was born to Italian immigrants from Naples, Italy in NYC on July 30, 1922. She worked in Macy's Dept. Store in NYC as an Assistant Dept. Head for a number of years after graduating high school. Gloria met the love of her life, Dominic, and the two were married in 1994, after he was discharged from the Navy as a Quartermaster of the USS REMEY, a Naval Destroyer. They lived on Staten Island where they had two children, Ginger and Stephen. They moved to Warrensburg in 1965 on Echo Lake. It was quite the tale, how they wound up in Warrensburg. They lived on a fairly large property on Staten Island, on the south shore part of the island, two streets over from Mt. Loretto Orphanage. The orphanage at Mt. Loretto is where the Catholic church that was in the movie "The Godfather" were the Corleone had their son Baptized. They were informed by the city that urban renewal was about to cut through their property and put a new road through it. They then decided it was time to move. They wanted to leave the NYC area and so they looked at different properties all over the state and into Vermont. The last property they looked at was in Johnsburg, the Buckskin Valley Dude ranch, that had been closed for a number of years. It was too far off the main road (Route 8) for their living. As they headed for home, they came through Warrensburg. Gloria said: "Dom, pull over at the next gas station." He said, "No we have to go a little farther. They had already passed about six or eight gas stations, and finally pulled into the 'Flying A Station,' which is now the Gulf across from the Health Center.It's proprietor, Marshall Shane, came out to pump the gas.She started a conversation with Dominic, and asked if they were on vacation. He said, "No, we looked at some property further up and did not care for it." Marshall said, "I have a friend that owns a vacation spot one and a half miles up on Echo Lake. Charlie Nobel is retiring and the place is up for sale." They met Charlie and walked the property. They fell in love with the lake, as well as the property. One year later they settled in Warrensburg. That was June 15, 1965. They opened up "Echo Lake Ranch & Resort." Gloria was a very busy person, taking care of the hospitality part of it, as well as taking care of kids from NYC during the summer months. Years later they sold the property to Maury Stein and now it's Camp Echo Lake. They kept a parcel at the far end of the Lake, that borders on Lake Avenue, and built two homes that are now Vacation Rentals. After the sale to the camp they entered into the pizza business, opening stores in Warrensburg (Marco Polo's), Pottersville, Lake Luzerne, Saratoga, and Speculator. After retiring, Gloria lost her husband of 57 years in 2006. She then moved in with her son Stephen on the property where he has the vacation home. She lived there the rest of her beautiful, happy, peaceful life. She will be deeply missed by all the folks she has touched in her Amazing Life! At her request, there are no calling hours or funeral services scheduled. Please visit for online guest book and condolences.
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